Kalvac carton sealing machine is suitable for various box sealing standards, ranging from manufacturing boxes to parcel carton box sealing formats for ecommerce. It provides a smooth transition for your packaging lines and eliminate common problems such as inconsistent sealings which may sometimes interpreted as void on the other end of your customers.  

Kalvac FXA-6050 Carton Sealing Machine

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  • Dimension : 1665 (L) x 990 (W) x 1450 (H) mm 
    Weight : 130 kg
    Power : 180 W
    Voltage : 220V/50Hz 
    Capacity : 1000 boxes / hour
    Box Sealing Dimension (Smallest) : 180 (W) x 150 (H) mm
    Box Sealing Dimension (Largest) : 500 (W) x 600 (H) mm 
    Compatible Sealing Tape Material : BOPP, PVC.
    Sealing Tape Width : 48mm, 60mm and 72mm
    Delivery System : Lineshaft Roller Conveyor System